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Love at first sight x 3 tea bulbs - Chinese Blossoming Tea from the Fujian province

Love at first sight x 3 tea bulbs - Chinese Blossoming Tea from the Fujian province

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Chinese Blossoming Tea from the Fujian province – Love at first sight x 3 tea bulbs;

Hand made tea assemblies made from high quality Green tea and Chinese dried herbal flowers to delivery health benefits, aroma, scent and a visual display of a flowering bouquet as you infuse the bud with hot water.

Green tea is an unfermented tea resulting a in a product retaining the original colours of the leaf chlorophyll.

The gentle production process includes steps of fixation, rolling and drying, and many of the natural health substances therefore remain in the tea after processing. The characteristics of the Green tea will also vary with the region, the weather, the time of year of harvesting and type of processing.
The history of the Green tea goes back 3000 years in China and the products has been considered through the years as being of great medicinal benefit. A wide range of western studies have been performed to support this and it has been reported that they have validated many of these claims. The health benefit claims are based in part on the tannins found in the leaves, which have naturally occurring strong antioxidant properties.

Drinking green tea is therefore one way of increasing the daily intake of antioxidants, which could have a beneficial effect on health and the aging process.

Your tea is packaged in sealed foil packets to retain maximum freshness and aroma.

Brewing guide;
• Prepare your teapot, ideally a transparent teapot for the full visual effect, by placing one flowering tea bud into it.
• Pour boiling water into the teapot to heat both teapot and the flowering bud.
• Discard the first hot water and infuse with fresh boiling water to bring the bud to its full flowering size.
• Infuse for 3 to 6 minutes to bring the blossom to full bloom.
• The leaves will slowly open to finally allow the flower inside to bloom.

Your perfect brew…Scent of the clean mountain air…Taste of tender first buds…Awaken your senses…Relax…Enjoy

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